Power Pentathlon – 19th July

Some photos from yesterday’s Power Pentatlon at Houldsworth Village. This is an event run by Andreas Michaelas from British Weightlifting that we have been building up to in Friday Strength & Conditioning sessions with the Stockport Athletics Coaching Group. It comprises a technical lift (Clean & Jerk), vertical jump, standing broad jump, agility run and 20m sprint. The event fits in very well with our aim of developing speed and power and we’ll be working with Andreas to develop it and run another event at the end of the year. Well done to Lauren, Matthew S, Harry and Matthew C and also great for the children to see Christos Michaelas lifting, jumping and sprinting!IMG_1476 IMG_1522IMG_1521IMG_1511IMG_1503IMG_1492IMG_1491IMG_1479 IMG_1534

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