Running Improvers Group – Eight minute core circuit

The six exercises in this core circuit take eight minutes (or so) to perform.  I’d recommend doing the circuit 2-3 times but if you only have time to do it once you’ll still get some benefit.  The only equipment you will need is one light weight, but you could substitute a milk carton or similar.

The exercises are as follows, I have also attached exercise sheets to help you remember them;

1.  Greyhound, all stages but stop if you are feeling anything in your lower back.  5 Reps each side on each stage – Exercise Sheet – Greyhound

2. Front plank, 30 second hold, do these from your knees if you have trouble with a full plank – Exercise Sheet – Front and Side Plank

3. Superman, 5 reps each side, keep hips level – Exercise Sheet – Box Hip Extension with Dowell (stage 3 on the sheet but it’s fine to do the first two stages if you need to).

4. Side plank, 30 second hold, again do these from your knees if necessary.  Exercise sheet is above (exercise #2)

5. Single leg deadlift, 5 reps each side with light weight (2-5kg), do the stage on the exercise sheet that you’re comfortable with and progress as necessary – Exercise Sheet – Single Leg Deadlift

6 Single leg bridge, 5 reps each side – step 1 of the exercise sheet then straighten one leg from the bridge position – Exercise Sheet – Bridge

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