Running Improvers Group – Warm up exercises

Exercise Sheet – Side lying windmills

Exercise Sheet – Sagittal and Frontal Ankle Mobility

Exercise Sheet – Knee raise & hip extension

Exercise Sheet – Hip Mobility

Exercise Sheet – Greyhound

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Adlington Winter Warmer – Results by position

Adlington Winter Warmer 2017 – By Position

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Stockport ’10’ Team Results

Stockport ’10’ 2017 – Teams

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MANFIT Sessions

Really enjoyed my first session with MANFIT at Manchester College, Openshaw today.  Looking forward to working with the group over the coming months.  For details of the work MANFIT do for amputees in the Manchester area follow this link –

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Reebok Archon Adjudicator

I’ve been doing a bit of online training recently to get qualified as a Reebok Archon adjudicator.  I like the Archon project as a means of providing goals across the full range of components of fitness.  Details are available here –

Reebok Archon Certificate

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British Weightlifting Level One Coach

I’m now a British Weightlifting Level 1 Coach. Looking forward to applying it to the strength and conditioning that i’m doing with the Stockport Athletics Coaching groups and individuals.

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Power Pentathlon Results, January 2016

Power Pentathlon January 2016 – Master

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Friday S&C group performance tests

At Friday’s Strength & Conditioning session we did some performance testing for agility, vertical jump, push/pull medicine ball throw, 20m sprint and repeated jumps which are similar tests to those in the power pentathlon.  It was good to get the jump mat out again and I was really pleased to see the group enjoying the session so much!  Well done Lauren, Sofia and Matthew S!!

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Next power pentathlon on 24th January

The next power pentathlon will be at Reddish on Sunday 24th January – I’ll be working with British Weightlifting to sort out the details for the event. We’re planning on using the Reebok Archon system as a means of scoring the event.

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New Jump Mat

The power pentathlon last weekend gave me the push I needed to invest in a jump mat which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now.  The mat can be seen in use in the pictures below.

The device works by calculating the height of the vertical jump from the time in the air.  It also allows me to calculate elasticity by performing a four jump test and determining the ground contact time between jumps.  As it provides instant feedback it allows people to instantly see the difference between different techniques and between a good or a heavy (“blocked”) landing.  It’s also a timing device that allows me to times short sprints and agility runs.

Where I’ve included vertical jumps in testing and assessments I’ll be starting to use the new device and will also be using it in strength and conditioning sessions


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